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Meet the Outfitter and Turkey Guide Pat Feldt

with his Recent Gobblers

Taken Around the Country

Merriam's turkey archery bowhunting bow hunt

Outfitter Pat Feldt with a personal best bow hunt Merriam's turkey taken at 25 yards, no blind. 5+ years old, 10-3/4" beard, 1" worn spurs


arizona goulds turkey hunt guide outfitter hunting archery bow

Pat Feldt did the ultimate turkey hunting challenge by shooting this big Arizona Gould's turkey with his bow, no blind.  It was called into 2 yards before releasing the arrow into the big gobbler


new mexico merriams turkey hunting

Turkey Guide Pat Feldt shot this Northeastern New Mexico Merriam's Gobbler while it beat-up the Jake decoy


merriam's turkey in Northern New Mexico

Turkey Guide Pat Feldt shot this New Mexico Merriam's turkey with a crossbow at 15 yards (no blind).


Arizona Gould's Turkey

Outfitter Pat Feldt completed his Royal Slam without going outside the USA by taking this big Gould's turkey in Southern Arizona.


big alabama gobbler

Outfitter Pat Feldt with a soaking wet Eastern Turkey taken in Alabama during a rainstorm. This big 3 year old gobbler has a thick 10" beard and 15/16" spurs.


Texas Rio Turkey

Pat Feldt and a Texas Rio Grande Turkey. This gobbler was hung-up with 6 hens for an hour and was finally called into 40 yards with a ceramic pot call while using a single hen decoy. The bird weighed 20.5lbs, had a 10¼" beard and 1-9/16" and 1-11/16" long hooks for spurs!


Osceola turkey

This Florida Osceola Turkey was called into 10 yards. It was a nice 3 year-old Osceola sporting an 11" beard and 1¼" spurs!


US Royal Slam Turkey

Turkey Guide Pat Feldt's Royal Slam

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