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Arizona Javelina Guides and Outfitters

Javelina Hunts

archery javelina hunting in arizona image

Southern Arizona is home to the Javelina.  Hunting seasons for this critter are during January through February.  Javelina can be one of the most enjoyable game animals to hunt in Arizona. They are not pigs, nor are they even in the pig family.  They are peccaries.  Javelina are gregarious animals that live in a tight-knit family group of around 5 to 15 animals.  The javelina groups are territorial with a home range of about a square mile and a half. The common name is the "collared peccary" because of a white ring of hair that circles the neck region. Javelina appear to be larger than they really are, but in actuality, they only weigh 35-60 pounds dressed-out.

Javelina offer a very challenging hunt for the bowhunter, handgun hunter, crossbow hunter, muzzleloader hunter or even rifle hunter. Spot and stalk is the technique we use to hunt these unique animals. Our guides use high-powered optics to locate a herd. Javelina are low to the ground and blend into their surroundings very well. So, they can often be a challenge to locate amongst the gray desert scrub. Once a group of peccary is located, a stalk can be planned. Hunters must keep the wind in their favor when making a stalk and be extremely quiet in order to get within a desired shooting distance. Because of their large canines, javelina make nice open-mouth mounts. If you are successful, a full-body mount of a snarling peccary (javelina) can be a very unique trophy. The meat from javelina is often made into sausage. Our favorite is jalapeno and cheese summer sausage or chorizo!  Archery javelina hunts in January can be combined with archery Coues deer.

Hunters should note that javelina live in the mountains. Hunters are encouraged to condition themselves to the best of their ability in order to increase their odds for success. Note: This is a fair chase hunt where we use the spot and stalk method amongst desert mountain terrain. It can be challenging since it is not a "bait and wait" hunt, like in Texas.

Our Track Record:  Over the past couple decades, our javelina hunters have experienced an extremely high Rate of Opportunity for all weapon types!

Javelina Seasons

archery javelina hunting in arizonaArizona offers several different Javelina seasons: a January Archery-Only javelina season, a late February Youth-Only firearms season, an early February H.A.M. Season (Handgun/Archery/Crossbow/Muzzleloader) and a late February Rifle season.

RIFLE CARTRIDGES: A .243 is the bare minimum cartridge for javelina. The best javelina cartridges would be: .25-06, .257, 6.5, .260, .270, .280, 7mm-08, .308, .30-30, .30-06, and even the .300 mags.  Regardless of what you have read on the internet sites, blogs and social media, javelina are very tough animals and often get away injured from smaller cartridges.  We don't recommend anything less than .243 caliber.  Hunters should use their deer rifles on javelina, not their varmint rifles. Guides prefer to have the javelina D.R.T. (dead right there) than to trail and/or lose it!

Typical HANDGUNS to use are the single-shot Thompson or Remington XP100 centerfire rifle cartridges, like .257, 6.5, 7mm-08, .308, .30-30, etc. Revolvers in .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .454 Cassul, etc. with red dots or scopes are also common handguns that work well.

MUZZLELOADERS can be your choice of primitive style or modern inline style using scopes, sabots, bipods. 

CROSSBOWS are not considered archery in AZ, but can be used during the firearms season and H.A.M. season.


Season Dates for 2025:

Archery-Only Season:  Jan. 1-23, 2025

Youth-Only Rifle Season:  Jan. 24 - Feb. 2, 2025

Handgun, Archery, Crossbow, Muzzleloader Season (H.A.M.):  Feb. 7-17, 2025

General Rifle Season:  Feb. 21-27, 2025


Licenses and Tags

If you would like to book a hunt, contact us prior to early October so we can point you in the right direction for licensing/tag procedures. Arizona javelina hunting is by an online draw application process through the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The drawing odds for our preferred areas are typically very high. The deadline to apply is early October.  Once you draw a tag, we can then book the hunt.  Contact us before October or as soon as possible if you are interested in a guided javelina hunt.

Hunting license fees: $37.00 (Resident) and $160.00 (NonRes).  All draw applicants need to purchase a nonrefundable Arizona hunting license in order to apply.

Javelina Tag Fees: $38 (Res) and $115 (NonRes)

The Arizona permit-tag is for ONE javelina per person per hunt

arizona javelina hunt image muzzleloader

2024 RATES


Javelina Hunt Options # Days Rate
Javelina Hunt: 2-on-1 up to 3* $2,000.00/person
Javelina Hunt: 1-on-1 up to 3* $2,500.00/person
January Archery Coues deer/Javelina combo (2 on 1) up to 5* $3,000.00/person
January Archery Coues deer/Javelina combo (1 on 1) up to 5* $4,000.00/person

Choose a "Hunter to Guide Ratio" of either 1-on-1 or 2-on-1. The 2-on-1 javelina hunt option means two hunters per guide (you can bring a partner or we can pair you with another hunter). The 1-on-1 option means one hunter per guide (you can have your own personal guide).

Note: Since javelina hang in a group, our javelina hunts are typically booked 2-on-1 (you can bring a partner or we can pair you with another hunter). You can also request to have your own personal guide and pay for 1-on-1.

Non-Hunter Fee: Some hunters like to bring along a buddy to camp and share the experience while they hunt. There might be an option to invite one person as a non-hunter or observer while on your guided javelina hunt.  Non-hunter space is very limited.  Based upon availability.  Javelina Hunt Non-Hunter Fee: $800.00

* Arrive to camp the day prior to hunting.  Depart camp about noon on the last day of hunting.  Hunters depart sooner if they tag out early. So, it's best if flying non-resident hunters arrive in Arizona the evening prior to meeting us (two days before hunting), rent an SUV from the airport, get a hotel room and we will meet the next day about noon in the hunt area about 1 to 2 hours from the Tucson Airport or 3 to 4 hours from the Phoenix Airport.  These are the closest major airports. Flying hunters can follow us to camp with their rental vehicle.  Flights should be scheduled to depart the morning after the hunt.  More details on the general info page.


Description of Javelina Hunts

Javelina Hunts Include: complimentary accommodations (remote tent camps), complimentary meals, a guide, skinning, packing out animal, and up to *3 days of hunting (depart camp about noon on last day of hunting).

January Archery Coues Deer/Javelina Hunt: Includes complimentary accommodations (tent camps), complimentary meals, skinning, packing out animal, and a guide. The January archery Coues deer/javelina hunt is up to 5 days in duration.  Note: January archery Coues deer hunters who hunt during the first 3 weeks of January, have the option of hunting javelina while hunting Coues deer, provided they draw an archery javelina tag for the area. The archery javelina tag is by draw in October and is optional with the archery deer hunt (we don't charge extra to add on javelina).

Choose a "Hunter to Guide Ratio" of either 1-on-1 or 2-on-1. The 1 on 1 rate means one hunter per guide. The 2 on 1 rate means two hunters per guide. 

Additional Information


BOOKING INFO: The first step is to contact the outfitter to get on the list for a hunt.  He will then point you in the right direction in applying for tags and licenses, which takes place in September through early October. Once a permit-tag is drawn for our preferred area, hunters will book the hunt by signing a contract and submitting a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due at least 21 days prior to the hunt. We recommend cancellation insurance for all of our guests. Visit our policy page for more details.

Space is limited, so contact us early! We usually only accomodate up to six hunters in camp at a time, so book early.

Other Costs and Considerations that are the hunter's responsibility: Licenses and tags, transporting yourself to/from the camp, rental car, butchering, transporting your meat/hide/trophy to home, taxidermy, hotel stay before/after the hunt (if flying) are some other things to consider and are the hunter's responsibility. Gratuity for your guide is gladly accepted and is customary (15% is typical).

Non-Hunter Fee: Some hunters like to bring along a buddy to camp and share the experience while they hunt. There might be an option to invite one person as a non-hunter or observer while on your guided javelina hunt.  Non-hunter space is very limited.  Based upon availability.  Javelina Hunt Non-Hunter Fee: $800.00

The bag limit is one javelina per person per hunt.

arizona outfitter tent campAccommodations: Our complimentary accommodations are basic southwestern style outfitter tent camps which are often located many miles from civilization. Sleeping quarters for big game hunts are typically in deluxe outfitter tents, unless noted otherwise.  If you are looking for a hunt with fancy lodges, this is NOT the hunt for you!  Tent camps are used because we stay in remote areas.  The deluxe tents consist of large outfitter Kodiak Canvas brand tents.  The size of our tents are tall and spacious inside; typically 10X10 or 10X14 and stand 6.5 feet tall. The tents are equipped with heaters during the colder months. Cots with thick pads are provided, but all hunters must bring their own sleeping bags. For those that own a camping trailer and would like to bring it to camp to stay in are more than welcome to do so, but we cannot discount the hunt any for doing so. It must be high enough for ground clearance on rough, rocky dirt roads. Please ask for road conditions before bringing one.   Video of our typical camp.


View our javelina videos for more feel of our hunts.

Be sure you visit our general info page.

Javelina Hunt Photos

arizona javelina hunting image muzzleloader guided hunt

Congratulations to Paul for taking this nice javelina with his muzzleloader at 225 yards!


arizona rifle javelina hunting image outfitters guides

Don with a nice javelina that he shot at 230 yards


arizona javelina hunting rifle season guides outfitters hunts

Dylan with an old javelina boar that he shot at 209 yards


archery arizona javelina image hunting outfitters guides bowhunting

Kipp used his Hoyt bow and a Rage Trypan to take this nice javelina at 20 yards


arizona javelina hunting season with a rifle Guides outfitters

Gary used his Ruger No. 1 in .30-06 to tag this old boar javelina


rifle javelina hunt in Arizona guided javelina hunting outfitters guides

Dave shot this giant boar javelina at 235 yards with his .270


muzzleloader black powder javelina hunting in arizona guides outfitters

John with a giant javelina that he shot at 163 yards using his muzzleloader


handgun pistol hunting for javelina in arizona

Ted with a nice javelina that he shot using his .44 magnum pistol at 27 yards


archery javelina hunting bow in Arizona

Jay and Mike tagged these nice javelina with their bows


long range rifle javelina hunting in arizona guides outfitters

David used his Kimber in 270 Winch to take this javelina at long range


rifle season javelina hunting in arizona guided hunts outfitters

Gary made a great shot at 318 yards with his 35 Whelen to tag this nice javelina


arizona rifle season javelina hunting guide outfitters

Dan snuck up to this big javelina and took him with a 300 Win Mag


javalina javelina hunting in arizona with a rifle guides outfitters

John came from the cold of MN to hunt Arizona javelina with his .308 Winchester


rifle season javelina hunting in arizona javalina hunt

Drew shot this javelina at long range with his 6.5 Creedmoor


arizona javelina javalina hunt guides outfitters archery bow

Phelps from CO shot this nice javelina at 30 yards using his bow


archery javelina hunting bow arizona outfitters guides hunts

Kipp snuck into 18 yards to shoot this nice boar javelina with his bow


arizona javelina hunting handgun pistol season

Tom shot this javelina with a 6.5 custom single shot handgun


archery arizona javelina hunting guides

Hill and Vic made an excellent archery stalk together to take their javelinas


arizona javelina hunting with rifle guides outfitters

Doug with his giant boar javelina that he shot during rifle season.


rifle season javelina hunting arizona guided hunts

Mark from MO with his javelina that he shot at 320 yards.


arizona javalina hunting javelina hunt guides outfitters

Tom with a nice javelina taken using his Defiance custom 6.5 caliber rifle.


arizona javelina hunting rifle season guides outfitters hunts

Dave from Montana shot this nice javelina with a custom 6.5 caliber rifle.


javalina javelina hunting rifle season in arizona guides outfitters

Mike from California with a nice javelina during rifle season.


arizona rifle season javelina hunting hunts guides outfitters

Hunter L. made a great shot on this javelina at 275 yards.


arizona javelina hunting with a rifle in february guides outfitters hunts

Dean shot this javelina at 200 yards during rifle season.


archery bow javelina hunting guides outfitters

Pete from Ohio with a big male javelina that he shot with his bow.


javelina hunting rifle season guides outfitters javalina

Russ with a nice javelina that he shot at 280 yards using his .260 custom rifle.


javalina javelina hunting arizona rifle season outfitters guides hunts

Justin with a javelina that he shot using a .270 at 150 yards.


arizona javelina hunts hunting outfitters guides photos

Vince shot this big javelina with his 6.5 Creedmoor.




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Javelina Hunt Videos


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