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Arizona Gould's Turkey Hunts

Arizona Gould's Turkey Guides and Outfitters

Hunt Big Gould's Gobblers

About Our Arizona Gould's Turkey Hunts

arizona goulds turkey hunt guideWe are pleased to offer hunting trips in southern Arizona for the rare Gould's turkey. The Gould's turkey is primarily a mountain dwelling bird that inhabits the southern portions of Arizona in higher altitude areas known as "Sky Islands" (forested mountaintops that rise above the vast desert). The Gould's sub-species is geographically separated from the Arizona Merriam's by many square miles of surrounding desert. Therefore, the chance for hybridization is slim to none. The Gould's is the largest of the turkey subspecies with longer legs, larger feet, and larger tail feathers and wings than all the other subspecies. But, the most notable difference from the other turkey subspecies is that the Gould's turkey typically has pure white tips on the rump and tail feathers (Merriam's have cream-white).

The Gould's turkeys that we hunt live in a natural habitat with no food plots, no farm fields, no feeders and typically no other human influence. Since Gould's are mountain dwelling turkeys, our hunts take place in the Oak Woodland to Ponderosa Pine forests at elevations of 6000 to 8000 feet. This high altitude hunt area has breathtaking scenery with very enjoyable Springtime temperatures of 80 degrees in the day and 45 degrees at night. In order to eliminate over-harvest, Arizona Gould's Turkey tags are on a special lottery draw.  If interested in booking a hunt, the outfitter can assist prospective hunters with the drawing process. Once a tag is drawn for our area, we can then book the hunt.

These are nearly all-inclusive fully-guided turkey hunts. Hunters are led into the field daily by an experienced turkey guide in order to provide the highest chances for success. Our guides are very familiar with the area, terrain, where the birds hang-out, and more importantly, the techniques needed to effectively hunt Gould's turkeys. Gould's turkeys live in the mountains in their natural habitat setting. There are no fields or food plots to set up on.  In order to increase odds for success, hunters should be able to hike away from the road and into the quality turkey areas. Daily hikes could be anywhere from ½ mile to 2 miles from the end of the road, depending upon where the birds are hanging at the time of your hunt. Like Spring turkey hunting anywhere, there are many tactics to use while hunting these mountain birds. Primarily, we walk large ridges and set-up when we strike a gobbler. We also set-up in known corridor areas and "cold call" against oak and pine trees to see if a weary gobbler will come to investigate. Calling birds off the roost in the early morning can sometimes be effective. Our guides will typically call for the hunters, but experienced turkey hunters can join-in with calling, whichever is preferred. If you need your Gould's turkey for the Royal Slam and want to stay within the United States, we have the Gould's hunt for you!


2019 Turkey Seasons/Licenses/Bag Limits

Since Arizona Gould's Turkey hunting is on a random lottery draw basis, hunters that are interested in booking a hunt with us will be emailed instructions on how to apply and which hunt numbers to use. You will be subscribed to receive our email newsletter. The draw application period for Spring Turkey is late September through early October. If you apply and are lucky enough to draw a tag, we would then book the hunt. As with any lottery draw, persistance is the key. Some hunters are lucky and draw after only 1 or 2 tries, while most are not so lucky and take several years to draw. You never know when you will be drawn, but you can build bonus points to increase your odds. Each time you apply and are not drawn, you receive a point.  An additional turkey bonus point can also be obtained by purchasing a "bonus point" during late May, meaning 2 points can be accumulated per year.  For each point you have, you get an additional entry into the draw, thus increasing your odds over time. 

Note: Everyone needs a nonrefundable hunting license in order to apply.  The turkey permit-tag fee will only be charged if you are drawn.

Hunting License Fees: $37.00(Resident) or $160.00(NonResident)

Turkey Permit Tag Fees: $38 (Res) and $105 (NonRes)

ARIZONA Spring Turkey Seasons for 2019 are April 19 through May 24.  Hunters are drawn for a certain week within a given area.

BAG LIMIT: One bearded turkey per year in Arizona.


2019 RATES

The price for a guided one-on-one, up to 3 days, nearly all-inclusive, Gould's turkey hunt:


BOOKING INFO: A minimum 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract is required to book the hunt. The deposit is required only after a Gould's tag is drawn. The remaining balance is due at least 21 days prior to the hunt. We recommend cancellation insurance for all of our guests. Visit our policy page for more details on booking and cancellations.

Non-Hunter Fee: Bring a non-hunter or an observer for a flat fee of $700.00.  Non-hunter space is limited.  Based upon Availability.

Other Costs that are the hunter's responsibility: licenses and tags, optional car rental, optional taxidermy, airport hotel stay before/after the hunt (if flying).  Gratuity for your guide is gladly accepted and customary (15% is typical).

We have experienced 100% success on our Gould's turkey hunts!  Each of our past hunters has tagged a big Gould's gobbler! 


arizona goulds turkey


Our Gould's Turkey Hunts are nearly ALL-INCLUSIVE!

WHAT'S INCLUDED with our Gould's Hunt: A complimentary ride to camp if flying (pick-up/drop-off point: Tucson Airport Hotels Only). This saves you from renting a vehicle. Meals are included (Most other turkey hunts across the US do not provide food.), complimentary camp accommodations are included (could be tent or trailer), transportation in field while hunting, a guide, up to 3 days of hunting, trophy prep (skinning/caping), and many extras.

GOULD'S HUNT DETAILS: Camp is often located in remote areas many miles from civilization. Camp Accommodations are normally in outfitter tents or sometimes a camping trailer. Meals are provided, which usually consists of a quick breakfast with coffee, cooked brunch, and hot dinner. If you are successful, skinning/caping of your bird for transport will be provided. If flying, it is easiest to donate the meat to your guide and put the packaged turkey cape into your luggage or carry-on bag. Driving hunters will meet us either in Tucson, at camp, or a town near the hunt area, whichever is most feasible. Flying hunters should get a flight into Tucson on the evening prior to meeting us, get an airport hotel room, and we will meet the next morning for a ride to camp. For example, if your hunting starts on a Friday, you should get a flight into Tucson late Wednesday evening, get a hotel room, and we will meet early Thursday morning (about 7am) for the drive to camp. This eliminates loss of hunting time if your flight is delayed or cancelled, which is becoming a common occurrence. If you do not tag-out early, we typically pack up and head for Tucson in the late afternoon of the last day. So, flying hunters should schedule a flight out the evening of the last day or the morning after the hunt (hotel required). The possible hotel stay before/after the hunt is not included and is the hunter's responsibility. Hunters will meet us either in Tucson, at camp, or a town near the hunt area, whichever is most feasible.  This meeting time/place will be arranged a few days prior to the hunt.

WEAPONS: It’s the law that only shotguns, crossbows, or bows be used for turkey.

Our Guides: Your main turkey guide is also the outfitter, Pat Feldt. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from the University of Arizona, which adds to his credibility as a full-time outfitter. Even though he is a big game guide throughout the year, his true passion is turkey hunting. He is a 49 year-old turkey hunting fanatic who has been pursuing wild turkeys his whole lifetime. Whether guiding hunters or hunting for himself, he persues turkeys nearly everyday of the Spring turkey season (about 6 weeks straight)!  Pat is very experienced in all calling methods and you'll see him using most types of calls while on the hunt. But, he prefers to use the realistic sounding mouth diaphragms coupled with friction pot calls. Pat is also a firm believer in the use of decoys to aid in enticing a gobbler (if given ample time to set one up). He has taken dozens of mountain Merriam's gobblers himself and has hunted various states for all the subspecies in the Grand Slam and has even completed the US Royal Slam by taking a couple Gould's turkeys within Arizona.

Recent Gould's Turkey Hunt Photos

arizona gould's turkey hunting guides outfitters

Scott Travis from NY shot this giant Arizona Gould's turkey that the locals named "Goliath!" (May 2018)


arizona goulds turkey hunting guides outfitters hunt

Michael Feldt shot his Arizona Gould's turkey with a crossbow at 20 yards! (May 2018)


arizona gould's turkey hunting guide archery bow

The outfitter Pat Feldt with his 2018 archery Arizona Gould's turkey taken at 2 yards with NO Blind! (May 2018)


arizona goulds turkey hunting guide outfitter

Mike Ewell from Virginia shot this big Arizona Gould's turkey at 7 yards with a crossbow. (April 2018)


arizona goulds turkey hunting with bow archery hunts guides

No blinds were used to bring in this big Arizona Gould's turkey for Joe to shoot with his bow! (May 2017)


arizona goulds turkey hunting guide hunts

AZ Super Raffle Winner John Werner shot this big Gould's Turkey with guide Pat Feldt. (April 2017)


arizona goulds turkey hunt guides outfitters

Michael Gund with his big Arizona Gould's Boss Gobbler! Vidoe of Hunt (April 2016)


arizona gould's turkey hunting guide

Bret Marchand from Louisiana tagged this pretty Arizona Gould's gobbler at about 12 yards! (May 2016)


arizona goulds turkey hunt guide

Jay Schopfer from Pennsylvania with his big Southern Arizona Gould's Turkey. Video of hunt (April 2016)



More Gould's Turkey Hunt Photos


Gould's Turkey Hunting Videos

More Gould's Turkey Hunt Photos


Contact the outfitter at arizonagh@aol.com to start the process of booking a guided Arizona Gould's turkey hunt.

Also visit our Merriam's Turkey page.


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