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Arizona Outfitters and Guides for

Black Bear Hunting

More Arizona Bear Photos


arizona black bear hunting

Carlos Armando used a 300 RUM when he shot this big bear that came charging and stopped at 40 yards!


Carlos Fernando shot this big bear at only 104 yards with a 300 WSM.


Arizona Black Bear

Wendy and Travis Habrock from Missouri with a nice Arizona Black Bear that he shot at 170 yards.  Read the article.


arizona bear hunting

Paul Stikeleather from N. Carolina shot this big Arizona bear at 310 yards using a .300 Mag.


arizona bear hunting guides

Mark DeJesse from California shot this nice boar Arizona Bear at 15 yards.  


Large Arizona Bear

George (G.O.) Heath from Georgia with a huge Arizona chocolate-colored bear (the dominant color).  


Arizona bear

Cameron Gulley of Texas with a cinnamon and blonde colored bear that was brought into 22 yards with a predator call.


arizona bear

Jack McDermott of Pennsylvania with a record-class Arizona bear.  This beat-up, old bear was aged at 20 years! 


arizona black bear hunting 

Jason Poreda from Illinois took this bear with one shot at 308 yards using a .300 Ultra Magnum.  


arizona bear hunting guides 

Hunter Steve Kremp (left) with outfitter Pat Feldt and guide Josh Epperson.  This big chocolate bear holed-up in the brush and charged Steve.


Even More Black Bear Photos


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