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More Desert Bighorn Sheep Photos

Arizona Guided Hunts


Ron Heidemann with Kofa Desert Sheep

Ron Heidemann from Anchorage, Alaska  was happy to fulfill his 1/2 Slam with this old, broomed-off Arizona desert bighorn sheep (Ron has since completed his 3/4 slam!).  He was guided by outfitter/guide Pat Feldt who had video footage of Ron's Mexicana ram from a previous scouting trip.  This bighorn was the oldest out of a bachelor band of 8 rams.  (December 2006).


arizona bighorn sheep

Gabriel Lopez and Pat Feldt with a giant Nelsoni subspecies desert ram.  This ram's side profile shows the incredible horn mass and 38" length!  He is the largest Nelson desert ram taken in Arizona for 2005.  We found this ram in October on a scouting trip and were fortunate enough to locate him the second day of the December season.  Also, read the article and view the video of the hunt. (December 2005)


bighorn sheep

This is Pat Feldt and Chase Phillips with a record-class Mexicana subspecies desert bighorn ram.  Chase's uncle applied for him only twice before he drew a tag!  We videoed this ram during a scouting trip months before the hunt and knew he would be a good candidate for Chase.  On opening morning Pat glassed up the ram at over a mile away. We watched him bed-down before attempting a stalk.  After a 4 hour stalk, Chase made the remarkable shot at 410 yards!  The ram has heavy 15⅝-inch bases, 35 inch horn length, and carries his mass well!  He aged at 10½ years old! (December 2003)


arizona bighorn sheep

Nils Foley and AGH guide Roger Cook with a once-in-a-lifetime desert bighorn sheep.  Nils passed on many lesser rams before taking this nice Mexicana desert sheep.  He shot the ram at over 200 yards.  This 9½-year old ram's horns are heavy and broomed well.  His horns are 34¼" long with over 15" bases.  This old ram's face shows some classic battle scars. (December 2002)


Kofa Arizona desert bighorn sheep

Arizona desert bighorn sheep

arizona desert bighorn sheep

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